Reading about and implementing the principles of Getting Things Done (GTD), a work-life management methodology pioneered by David Allan (details), has been a hobby of mine for a few years now.  A long time ago I wrote this post, but as I'm re-starting my blog I decided to publish the post.  David Allen's 'Making it All Work' (Amazon) is the companion to his highly successful book 'Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-Free Productivity' (Amazon).  There was a section in the book that resonated with me and wanted to share as I feel it is a great excerpt to highlight what attracts me to GTD and may lead others to be interested as well.

...The key concept to keep in mind here is that staying in control will ultimately be a function of how you mange to allocate your physical resources - quite simply, what action you are talking now, and how comfortably you are relating to that.

Are you in alignment with your choice?  Is reading this book or listening to me or someone else narrating this sentence absolutely, positively, with a doubt the thing you should be doing at this moment  If you think it's not , or are afraid it's not, of i you don't know whether it is or note, then to some degree you're out of control.  If you assert confidently, yes, indeed, this is the best thing for me to doing and the best place to put my attention right now, your probably ins your zone.  You will experience, at least in the existential moment, no sense of time, no feeling of overwhelm, no gnawing sense of amorphous pressure on your psyche.  You won't be concert about life/work balance, or even making a distinction about whether you are in "work" or "life" mode.  You're just doing what your doing, appropriately and without internal distraction.

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Here is an excerpt from my recent post on academiPad

Let me begin with words to consider for all academiPad readers: It is not a matter of if technology will fail you, but a matter of when. And unless you enjoy rewriting your dissertation or journal submission from scratch, you must have a backup strategy in place.

Sure it is possible that your devices will never have a hard drive failure or be stolen.  For the lucky, you will never leave your phone in a taxi or accidentally drop it in the washing machine.  But for most, you will be faced with at least one type of “crash” in your future.   After recovering from a hard drive crash on my work computer recently, I thought a two part post dealing with the dreaded “crash” was in order.

The goal here is to spend some time thinking about a “crash” so that when one happens, you will be off to races recovering as smoothly as possible.

For the full article click here and encourage you to explore academiPad for other great articles.

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 Looks like a great classroom environment

Students work in groups, and when they have a question, they call him over. He arrives with iPad in hand and records his voice and his writing on the iPad, which he immediately uploads to the class website so other students can benefit from the explanations instantaneously. (This, by the way, is another form of flipped teaching, he says.)


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From Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theatre download site (
To those who might wish to "torrent" this video: look, I don't really get the whole "torrent" thing. I don't know enough about it to judge either way. But I'd just like you to consider this: I made this video extremely easy to use against well-informed advice. I was told that it would be easier to torrent the way I made it, but I chose to do it this way anyway, because I want it to be easy for people to watch and enjoy this video in any way they want without "corporate" restrictions.
Please bear in mind that I am not a company or a corporation. I'm just some guy. I paid for the production and posting of this video with my own money. I would like to be able to post more material to the fans in this way, which makes it cheaper for the buyer and more pleasant for me. So, please help me keep this being a good idea. I can't stop you from torrenting; all I can do is politely ask you to pay your five little dollars, enjoy the video, and let other people find it in the same way.
Louis C.K.


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Mac OS X Lion features that I was excited about but never use:
- Spaces
- LaunchPad
- Mission Control
Wonder what the list will be for Mountain Lion?  iMessages?  iCloud?
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A couple weeks ago, a Saturday started with Unstoppable on HBO.  Later that day, Bad Boys II.  Got me thinking about my favourite Action Movies and lead to the list below:

Top 10 Action Movies

1. The Rock
2. Bourne Identity
3. Black Hawk Down
4. Bad Boys II 
5. Die Hard
6. Face/Off
7. The Matrix
8. The Dark Knight
9. Ong Bak
10. The Rundown
Honourable Mentions:
Bad Boys
True Lies
Iron Man
Movies I thought of but decided were not "Action Movies"
Three Kings
Hurt Locker


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Have see SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA I'm the headlines for the past couple weeks.  Admittedly, while a self proclaimed "technology enthusiast", my knowledge of the bills is limited.

My first investment of time to learn more was with a Clay Shirky TED talk. I would recommend the talk to anyone that wants to learn more, doing so from a fantastic presenter in my opinion.

If you enjoy the SOPA TED talk, I would also recommend Clay Shirky's talks on the idea of "cognitive surplus".  Sample one below:


The topic of "cognitive surplus" fits well with the point he makes at the end of the SOPA TED talk above.


Check them out and leave a comment with what you think.

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A couple weeks ago during my flight I finished a plastic water bottle.  I put the cap back on and put the bottle on the empty seat beside me.  

As we started to descend at the end of the flight I kept hearing this cracking noise.  Like plastic breaking under pressure.  Not the best sound as a plane is landing.  I eventually thought to look at the water bottle and saw that it was compressed, like the air had been sucked out of it.  The water bottle going through the air pressure changes was what caused the cracking noise.  

Makes you think about what our bodies, especially our ears, go through when flying.  

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