This week's Friday Five is a collection of half-baked blog posts I have written over the past few years (literally, some of these half-baked posts go back to November 9, 2012)

1. The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande

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pg. 177

... The fear people have about the idea of adherence to protocol is rigidity. They imagine mindless automatons, heads down in a checklist, incapable of looking out their windshield and coping with the real world in front of them. But > what you find, when a checklist is well made, is exactly the opposite. The checklist gets the dumb stuff out of the way, the routines your brain shouldn't have to ooccupy itself with (Are the elvator controls set? Did the patient get her antibiotics on time? Did the managers sell all their shares? Is everyone on the same page here?), and lets it rise above to focus on teh hard stuff (Where should we land?)..."

2. Favourite Internet People

Merlin Mann
Marco Arment
John Siracusa
David Sparks
Gabe Weatherhead
Kevin Rose

3. How To Develop Strong Time-Management Habits, Even If You've Failed In The Past | Fast Company

How To Develop Strong Time-Management Habits, Even If You've Failed In The Past | Fast Company

A thought provoking piece that may help explain why the send/receive button is clicked so many times a day

Things become a bit clearer when we replace “be productive” with another very popular resolution: losing weight.

While there are debates within that community about which is the best diet strategy, I don’t know of many health coaches or diet writers who recommend sodas, candy, cookies, donuts, bagels, and greasy burgers on white buns.

And yet most dieters, who certainly “know better,” keep cheating and sneaking and rationalizing food choices that conflict with their big goal. Just like Felix, their minute-by-minute decisions undermine their desired outcome.


4. Mac Apps that I want to Explore and Integrate into my Workflow

OmniFocus 2

5. Are you using the same password over and over?

How elite security ninjas choose and safeguard their passwords | Ars Technica

If you have not heard of
1. 1Password
2. LastPass

I would highly recommend exploring their websites. I'm happy to answer any questions regarding 1Password on the Mac and iOS.

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